Ben Borgers

Bin System

April 23, 2022

Last summer, I devised the Bin System that I would use to store things in my dorm. I’ve mostly forgotten that it existed as the year has gone on, but I recently realized that I really like the system.

Allow me to explain the system.

I realized that I needed a way to store all the supplies that I would need for my dorm. Extra stationery, toiletries, chargers, the whole deal.

All these things are stored in bins that go under my bed. I found the dimensions of my dorm’s beds online, and discovered that they could go pretty high. Three large IKEA bins could fit underneath the bed.

But putting things into big bins has two issues:

  1. You can’t actually use the vertical space afforded by the big bin.
  2. A big bin of loose items is bound to get completely messy and unorganized.

But smaller bins have issues too, namely: there’s no way I’m gonna put 12 bins under my bed and then crawl around and try to find the right one when I need something.

So the solution? The Bin System is comprised of three large bins, each containing four smaller bins. The stuff goes in the little bins, so when I need something I pull the large bin out and then find the small bin inside that has what I want.

The three bins are roughly organized into:

  1. Smaller bins containing stationery.
  2. Smaller bins containing toiletries/medication/band-aids.
  3. Bigger things, like a paper towel roll, tissues, and clorox wipes.

Here’s what the bins looked like as I was packing them:

And here’s how they look today, sitting under my bed:

When I need something, I pull out the big bin and find the correct small bin inside.

And the system has worked quite wonderfully this year!

Most of what I have, not including clothes, is stowed away under my bed in a tidy way. Everything’s got a spot, and I’m able to have a good amount of stuff in a small footprint.

Overall, Bin System: success.