Ben Borgers

Apple Credit Card Rewards

July 10, 2022

I signed up for an Apple Card credit card a couple months ago because I truly am an Apple fanboy (and the Wallet app is very slick).

You get 2% “Daily Cash” rewards on purchases, and Apple directs them onto your Apple Cash card in the Wallet app, which is a whole separate card from your credit card.

If you think about the rewards in terms of subtracting from the purchase, it’s nothing. You buy something for $30, and you’re rewarded by actually only paying $29.40. Wonderful.

But, since they put it on a separate card in Wallet, the amount on that card builds up over time. So I get a small fund that I can use to pay for ice cream or bubble tea every once in a while. When I want to get something like that, but I don’t feel great about paying for it, I use that secondary card to pay for it. It’s free ice cream!

I know it’s the exact same thing, and in fact the credit card isn’t actually giving you anything. Yes, I’m a sucker. But it makes me happy.