Ben Borgers

First Name Usernames

July 2, 2022

I’m really jealous of people who can get their first name as a username. For obvious reasons, it’s a bit difficult for me.

The only thing that I can remember that I have ben as the username for is my username for Glow, the crypto wallet I’m working at this summer: I managed to snag ben.glow, which I’m very happy about.

But since Ben isn’t exactly a unique name, being able to get that first name username is quite elusive for me.

When I was a lot younger, I defaulted to bborgers. It was mimicking my dad, who uses cborgers as his username for most things.

But I realized that bborgers does not look as good as cborgers, so I transitioned to benborgers for everything that I can. On Twitter, GitHub, my email, and this website, that’s the username. In the end, I’m grateful that I have a unique enough full name that I can at least get firstnamelastname as a username.