Ben Borgers

Pluto was 2006??

April 10, 2022

Pluto as seen from the New Horizons spacecraft in 2015 at a distance of 476,000 miles

We all know the uproar around Pluto not being a planet anymore. A poor planet, disbanded of its planetary status to become a middling dwarf planet.

I have this very strong memory that this happened when I was in elementary school. Everybody was talking about it back then.

And then recently I looked it up — and Pluto stopped being a planet in August of 2006?

I wasn’t even really a conscious human when that happened. I hadn’t turned four years old yet.

So why do I have this feeling that it happened when I was in elementary school? Did elementary school teachers stoke the debate again as a way of getting us interested in astronomy?

In any case, dwarf planet Pluto is now old enough to get a driving learner’s permit in Hawaii. They grow up so fast.