Ben Borgers

New in Superadmin: styling, images, rich text

November 23, 2022

For the past few days I’ve been churning out new features on Superadmin, a CMS I built for my own projects and websites I make for people.

It started with styling the entire interface — I built it September, but haven’t had the inspiration to style it nicely until now. Here’s the visual style I landed on:

Then, I added one-off pages and an image field.

Before, I had “collections” of items — like blog posts or portfolio pieces. But I wanted to have the concept of a page, which is a place to update one-off information like “about page bio”.

Also, I added a field that allows people to upload images.

Lastly, I decided that Editor.js didn’t feel great and replaced it with Tiptap. Using Tiptap is always a bit of a pain because you have to build the editing UI yourself, but I managed to put together a fairly nice editor: