Ben Borgers

War Room — using the native date picker

February 13, 2023

A couple months ago, I finally added the ability to set due dates for tasks in War Room.

I built my own modal with a calendar-style date picker when I did that, but recently I decided to replace it with a nicer implementation that felt more lightweight. I decided to rely on the native browser date picker for the new version — why build a date picker when you can use a nice one that’s built-in already?

I ended up building this tiny pop-up that’s pinned right below the button, which allows you to set a due date for a task:

I asked Christian to test it out and he usefully bashed it around and pointed out that setting a due date for a task at the bottom of the screen meant that the pop-up was cut off, so I had to flip it if the task is within the bottom 150 pixels of the screen:

In reality the pop-up is implemented as a Modal, so the rest of the screen can’t be scrolled or interacted with while it’s open. When the “due” button is clicked, I measure where the button is on the screen, and position the modal right below (or above) it so that it appears to be “pinned” by the button.

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