Ben Borgers

I Love Email

January 24, 2022

I love email. You should send me one! (Whether I know you or not!

Here are some reasons:

  1. I feel in control. With texts, I use unread statuses to make sure I don’t miss texts. I’m very careful not to mark a message as read until I’m ready to respond, otherwise I won’t remember to come back to it. Email lets me do whatever I want! I can read something, mark it as unread again, move it into folders, the whole nine yards. It doesn’t feel as brittle.
  2. Anybody can email me. Several times a week I get wonderful emails from random people who have read my blog posts about programming, either just to say that it worked or asking a follow-up question. And it makes my day to hear from real life people who read those blog posts!
  3. Email encourages deeper conversation. Over the summer, I emailed my friend Ian on a whim because I had this idea that email was a great way to keep in touch with someone. It resulted in a back-and-forth that was definitely deeper than what would’ve happened over text. When you’re writing an email, you lay all your thoughts out in one long go. You’re forced to process it all. There’s no rush. The response will be finished when it’s finished, without the other party’s watchful eyes monitoring the typing indicator.

This is all to say, whoever you are and whenever you’re reading this, you should send me an email to say hi. My email address is up at the top of this post, and getting your email will make my day.