Ben Borgers


  • Speakology: AI speaking partner for language learning.
  • Govcentives: Search engines for clean energy incentives, licensed to power authorities.
  • Tufts Meal Plan Wrapped: Spotify Wrapped style report for Tufts’ meal plans that 500+ students used.
  • Photo of the Day: Ongoing project where I take one photo for every day.
  • Simpler and friendlier differential equations grapher for my dad’s classes.
  • Kiwi: Live Q&A platform for university classes; built for University of Michigan research study and currently used by 2,000+ students.
  • War Room: Social to-do list app for my friends and I, that is used by a couple hundred university students.
  • Bagel Institute: Teaching tools for university classes; built for my dad to use in his classes.
  • opensheet: Open-source Google Sheets API that receives over 130 million requests/month. People mostly discover it from this blog post.
  • Blocks: A schedule app I built for my high school over Covid that was used by 2,100 students and teachers (87% of the school).