Ben Borgers

An Eye for Design

June 6, 2022

I think I have an eye for design.

Unfortunately, this is different from being able to design. That is something that I’m not really able to do.

I find it difficult to come up with new and novel designs. Or to design things that look completely different from the rest of my work or fit a specific vibe. It seems like magic when people can invent visual styles that work perfectly for the problem at hand.

Instead, my only ability is that I can tell when something looks bad. When something looks misaligned, or too crowded, or just off. Or when something looks amateurish.

Sometimes I don’t really know how to make a website I’ve made look better. I just know that the current version I’ve made looks bad.

So sometimes, the only solution is to try again. When all you can do is judge the end result, the only solution is to create a new end result. And to keep trying until it, for whatever reason, feels good.