Ben Borgers

Half a Slice of Apple Pie

March 27, 2022

Three weeks ago, I went to get dessert in the dining hall. Three weeks ago, I saw one slice of apple pie left. Three weeks ago, there was one guy in front of me in line. I had just missed it.

But instead, the guy in front of me cut the last slice in half, and offered the other half to me.

This isn’t a mind-blowing act, but I realized in that moment that I probably wouldn’t have thought to cut the slice in half.

I guess I would’ve just accepted that sometimes life’s a bummer, and that sometimes you come out on top and sometimes you don’t. If I had been one spot ahead in line, I would’ve come out on top.

But somehow I don’t think it would’ve occurred to me to just cut it in half. To remember to be a kind person.

I’m not sure what the moral here is. But his kindness was appreciated. It stuck with me, so much so that I’m sitting here three weeks later writing about it.

Thanks man.