Ben Borgers

IKEA Backpack

July 5, 2022

I bought a new backpack for college. I didn’t mean to buy a new backpack, but I was strolling through IKEA with Trisha last summer when I found a $20 backpack. I bought it and strapped it into the back of the car for a safe ride home.

A couple weeks later I went back to IKEA with my parents, and discovered that the backpack was on sale for $15. My dad bought one (we now have matching backpacks!), and I bought a second one as a backup because I wasn’t sure how long an IKEA backpack would last.

I’m proud to report that my backpack survived freshman year, and shows no signs of letting up. It came with me everywhere I went last year and I love it. Here’s how it looks now:

It’s honestly an extremely simple backpack. It’s a roll top, which actually makes it quite easy to fit more stuff in it than should be possible (just don’t roll the top very much).

It’s got one side zipper that goes into the main compartment for when roll top access won’t cut it, and another side zipper that goes to a slot for my laptop and iPad.

In the front there’s a small compartment for knick-knacks, such as a large amount of Tylenol because I get headaches often.

It’s a plain backpack. But it does its job well, and I don’t have to think about it very much. Plus, it’s IKEA, and something about IKEA’s simplicity expressed as a backpack really makes me happy — after all, we know I’m a sucker for the brand.