Ben Borgers

What is JumboCode?

May 3, 2023

JumboCode is a club at Tufts that builds apps for non-profits.

They’re letting me be the Head of Engineering for it next year! So I figured I’d write one short blog post about what it is, so every time I write about it I can link back here.

The club forms ~9-12 teams of developers who work on teams with 1 project manager, 1 tech lead, and 1 designer. They’re assigned to a non-profit that wants an app or website built.

They spend the whole school year, from September until May, building the app. It gets handed off to the client at the end of the school year, at which point it becomes their responsibility to maintain.

It’s not a super old club — I believe it started in 2015 — but it’s grown to be one of the larger clubs on campus, with 100+ members.