Ben Borgers

Lessons Learned from Hanging Posters

May 2, 2022

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve hung a lot of posters at Tufts to advertise 3Blue1Brown coming to speak.

I’ve learned two things about hanging posters at Tufts:

1) Don’t hang posters on the first floor of Cummings.

The Joyce Cummings Center is our newest and shiniest building. As a result, the building management still has a hope in fighting posters from taking over the walls of the building, and get very unhappy when you plaster posters on the walls of the building and above urinals. They sent an email to express their unhappiness.

But it seems like the building administrators only hang around the first floor of the building, because most of my posters on the floors 2-5 remained untouched (both in the bathrooms and out in the open).

So the lesson: don’t hang posters on the first floor, but floors 2-5 are fair game. That way, you won’t provoke building management, but you can continue to hang your posters and have them (mostly) stay up.

2) Unique QR codes on the posters would be cool.

It would be technically challenging, but it would’ve been really cool for me to generate a different QR code for every poster. It would be the same base URL, but slightly modified to report to my analytics which poster they came from.

That way, I could identify which poster locations were the most effective. Next time!