Ben Borgers

A Design Improvement for Our Communal Showers

February 22, 2022

My dorm’s communal showers are already quite good. They’ve got this two-curtain design, which allows you to go into the first “airlock” compartment, get undressed and leave your clothes/towel/other prized possessions hanging, and then go into the second inner compartment that has the shower in it.

That way, your possessions don’t get wet, but you can still access your towel without needing to leave the privacy of the shower (some other dorms require you to hang your towel outside the shower stall).

Yes, I did bring visual aids to this blog post.

As far as communal bathrooms go, this two-curtain design makes them pretty great. But I have one improvement that I’d like to share.

I want two pieces of plastic on each outer side of the shower, placed like this:

My proposed redesign: visualized.

With these added plastic strips, the shower curtain will overlap a bit with the wing on each side when pulled closed, providing full privacy to the inhabitant.

One time when I was brushing my teeth (the sinks are located behind me in that photo), I caught a glance of some skin-colored mass through a poorly closed side of the curtain. My proposed addition ensures that no one else will ever need to experience this moment.