Ben Borgers

Stickies: Spatial note-taking

April 2, 2023

For the past few days, I’ve been building an app for myself called Stickies.

It’s highly inspired by macOS’ own Stickies app, which allows you to place sticky notes physically around your desktop.

I’ve always really loved the idea of being able to take notes in macOS’ Stickies and place them in physical space. It feels like the notes sit in a predictable spot, and you can organize them to match the way that thoughts are laid out in your brain.

However, the biggest thing I wanted to add was the ability to hide notes. When I don’t want to have something top-of-mind anymore, I want to be able to clear it out, but still be able to search and restore it later.

The end of the video above shows that feature: hiding a note, then searching to get it back.

Another thing that I added for fun is a theme switcher, which randomizes the theme background around a core color:

It’s highly inspired by Arc’s theming system. It feels like a nice way to switch up how the workspace feels, even from one day to the next.