Ben Borgers

War Room: Expansion features

March 5, 2023

My favorite features that I’ve added to War Room over the past year are expansion features, features that’ve allowed people (and me) to use War Room more.


You used to have one continuous list of tasks. I was “limited” to about 20 tasks, before the list got overwhelming and hard to rearrange.

At the end of last summer, I added a dividers feature, which allows you to put tasks into sections and collapse them away.

Now, the limit to the number of tasks you can have is much higher. I hover around 100 tasks, but most of them are ideas for improvements to projects (like War Room!) that are tucked away into dividers that are almost never shown.


War Room used to have the ability to mark which tasks you wanted to do today.

But over time, I used this feature to put a pin in all tasks I wanted to do sometime in the next few days. As a result, I never actually completed all the tasks for “today”.

Also, I was “limited” in the number of tasks I could mark as “today” — the limit was how many tasks I could have on my mind without going insane.

Earlier this month, I built a feature in War Room called Plan, which allows you to plan when you’ll do tasks up to a week in advance. It’s a way of expanding the idea of “today” into the next week’s worth of days.

That means I can queue up more tasks, by distributing them across the next few days onto the days that I’ll actually do them!

I now end up having ~20 tasks planned for the next few days, but only some planned for today and there’s hope that I’ll finish my daily list.