Ben Borgers

Winter break project list

December 19, 2023

I finished my semester yesterday! After a busy whirlwind of a semester, I’m excited to throw myself into some projects over winter break.

While I was supposed to be studying for my finals, I put together a list of projects I want to ship over this break. It’s quite ambitious, but I was in an ambitious mood.

  • Building a Christmas present for Trisha, Christian, Jerome, and my parents
  • Rebuilding this blog ( and consolidating into it
  • Building a birthday present I promised to Christian and Jerome back in August/September and then never finished
  • Govcentives, a SaaS I’m building with Jerome (working on it! making good progress!)
  • An update to War Room that shows everybody’s to-do list for today on the left sidebar (built it, tested it, decided not to change it)
  • Re-doing the website for Bite (decided not to do this after all)

Also, a bit of “tending the garden”:

  • Moving a client’s app to a better/cheaper hosting option

I’ve got from now until January 16th. I’ll cross things off as I go!