Ben Borgers

Productivity YouTubers

July 1, 2022

YouTubers who make videos about how to be productive all have the same job: being a YouTuber.

I guess it’s an inevitability, right? You probably start off making videos in your free time, and then if you become popular you quit your job to make YouTube videos full time.

The trouble is, your productivity videos were about being productive at your job. Or as a student. And when you quit your job to do YouTube full time (or age out of being a college student), you lose the material that you were making videos about.

It was just something funny that I noticed when watching videos about YouTubers’ productivity workflows. It’s full of calendars for videos to produce, or notes on editing processes. It’s just kinda funny that they all have the same job, and that it’s a job that people watching don’t have. I’ll keep watching, though. It’s more fun to watch someone be productive than to be productive myself.